émission v1 : Family Affair


Musical Youth - Pass the dutchee

Jackson 5 - Things I do for you
Delfonics - Ready or not
Jackson 5 - Ready or not

Puppini Sisters - Jilted
Andrews Sisters - Rhum & Coca-Cola
Triplette de Belleville

James Brown - My Thang
Parliament - Flashlight

Fela Kuti - No Agreement
Femi Kuti - Bang Bang Bang
Manu Dibango - Reggae Makossa

Billy Cobham - Some skunk funk
Parliament - Gamin’ on you
Head Hunters - Straight from the gate

Rip Rig and Panic - Harmful to soul
Don Cherry - Salad of the bad younman

Wu-Tang Clan - Bring da ruckus
2Bal’ 2 Neg’ - Où est mon gang?
Sages Po’ - La technik dans la peau

Mud - Aucune inquiètude
Rita Mitsouko - Ding Dang Dong

Stochello Rosenberg - I wish
Mud club - Lésions d’Histoire(live)

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