émission v1 : B.O. films


THE DOORS - the end

LALO SCHIFRIN - tension rock
THE WHO - the rock
GEORGE MARTIN - Trespassers will be eaten

THE DAVE CLARCK FIVE - no stopping
KENNY RODGERS - just dropped in
ARCHIVES - franck zappa-.baby snakes
FRANCK ZAPPA - baby snakes

YES - heart of the sunrise
GIORGIO MORODER - bring the prod
ARCHIVES - get carter
C. MANSELL & KRONOS 4TET - summer ouverture
JOHN LURIE - stranger than paradise

MELANESIAN CHOIR - jisas yu holem hand blong mi
PHILIP GLASS - reting's eyes
ARCHIVES - casino

BLACK CAT WHITE CAT - railway station
ARCHIVES - desperado
RY COODER - paris, texas

ALAIN GORAGUER - le bracelet
MILES DAVIS - willie nelson take 2
ARCHIVES - forces occultes
ARCHIVES - predator
MILES DAVIS - Duran take 4

ANDRE PREVIN - executive party dance
QUINCY JONES - The lost man
QUINCY JONES - the slender thread

JOHN BARRY - vendetta
DAVE GRUSIN - wi'll bring you home

ROY AYERS - coffy is the color
LALO SCHIFRIN - the big battle
ARCHIVES - la traversée de Paris
JEANETTE - porque te vas

HENRI MANCINI - la Panthere Rose
IGGY POP - Low rider

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