Cowboys Compilation

"24 bières dans un pack. 24 heures dans une journée. Une coïncidence ? Je ne pense pas."
Paul Newman.

- 100% Vinyle -

02 Leonard Cohen Don't go home with your hat on
03 Black Rebel Motorcycle Club Shuffle your feet
04 Manassas Isn' it about time
05 Larry Jon Wilson Broomstraw philosophers and scuppernong wine
06 Kongos Tokoloshe man
07 Teegarden & Van Winkle Mona Sweet Mona
08 Glen Campbell If this is love
09 Stephen Stills Soldier
10 Joe Strummer Island hopping
11 Franck Zappa It might just be a one shot deal
12 Joe Walsh Comin' down
13 The Charlie Daniel's Band Blowing along the wind
14 Ozark Mountain Daredevils Mr Powell
15 The Texian Boys Chisholm trail
16 Ella Jenkins "Racing with the sun"
17 United Sacred Harp convention Sherburne
18 John Denver Pegasus
19 Elvis Early mornin' rain
20 Tom T Hall God came trough Bellville, Georgia
21 Jerry Reed Fine on my mind
22 Dylan's Basement Tapes Yea ! Heavy and a bottle of Bread
23 Johnny Cash & The Tennessee tree a travelling song

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